Workplace draft for Indesign magazine

Please note: This is the first draft of this piece I submitted to Indesign magazine in October 2019 and will no doubt appear in a slightly modified form when it appears on the page in print. It is due to be published in mid-February, 2020.   DOWNLOAD: Get a printable A4 pdf of this document here.  

The transformation of the learning-driven, digital, networked workplace

As more of the people who gave the world of work its current shape retire, new notions of work, the tools it uses and where it will be done will transform the workplace to create a new economy of smarter businesses. This will make an entirely new breed of workplace entrepreneur richer. But, with the future of work increasingly in the hands of those who have never known... read more

A conference appearance based on our work on workplace strategy

    Total Facilities Conference 2017   One result of the extensive research I’ve conducted into workplace strategy was that having published The Evolution of Workplace Strategy into a Discipline of FM in the December 2016 print issue of Facility Management magazine, I was then invited in March 2017 to chair an expert panel on the subject of the evolving workplace at the Total Facilities Conference at Sydney’s Darling Harbour. This event aside, I have had the following published In The Urban Developer:         Beyond Activity Based Working

What Is Workplace Strategy, And Why Is It So Important?

Is Workplace... read more

Spaces to feel good about

Last week, in May 2017, I posted to LinkedIn and Facebook that we’ve just been through a minor rebranding exercise to incorporate “spaces to feel good about” as our new catchline, and that it was paying off already. This choice of words to describe what we do is based on feedback we were given by two large property developers who came to see the design of the KDV Golf and Tennis Academy on Queensland’s Gold Coast on its completion. As they were leaving the site, each said independently the project felt good. The KDV project has since has been architecture award-shortlisted. When we searched on the phrase a couple of days... read more

Beyond Activity Based Working, published in The Urban Developer

In August, 2015, I had a story, entitled Beyond Activity Based Working, published in Australia’s property industry web site, The Urban Developer, here. It’s probably better to read it there than here as it has all the images in place. The piece attempts to wrestle with the challenges presented to commercial property developers and owners by the emergence of smarter, “learning” organisations able to do more with less, alongside the future’s likely increasingly rapid displacement of jobs. I think it scrubbed up ok, and I got appreciative feedback from my participants, so that’s a plus. Check it out, if you’re interested in matters affecting property by the incursions of smaller, leaner, smarter learning businesses. ……………………………………… About this post As architects, we aim to get commercial property occupiers, developers, owners and investors a better... read more