In the internet age, there is a good reason that Amazon is so successful: it knows what its customers want and it feeds this knowledge into what it does next.

Indeed, we are moving into an age in which “thinking at a new scale” across the internet will now become pervasive in all forms of commerce, because it enables companies competitively to explore, to tap into and not to waste any of the insights, experience or intelligence available to them.

Because the internet affords this transformative potential to every business, to make a company smarter in organising its intelligence around its product, we can introduce its power into the ways in which we can brief every building.

We describe its capacities for quality control and optmising ​​the end user customer experience (CX) as “briefing beyond the building,” and our model follows the loose outline depicted above.

However, if you’d like to view how this – which uses a proven professional checking mechanism – is implemented in greater detail, please follow the link here to its fuller description on our sister web site, Cloud Citizen.

In summary, by managing “collective intelligence,” we now have tools to gain unprecedented understanding of the needs and preferences of any group of building customers and users. 

We can use this to ensure, throughout its design, that every property fits its users better.

This allows for a design repeatedly to be tested, refined and improved, providing the checks for designers to make sure nothing gets missed.

It provides design QA for construction and safeguards to reduce risk for investors

And it uses customer feedback to engage and inform marketing people across the sales channel. 

Put simply, the more rigorously a company behaves in investigating, testing and applying the intelligence available to it in the creation of its products, and reporting back to and checking with customers on what it finds, the better those products – and the smarter and more capable the organisation providing them – can become.

The reason Amazon succeeds is because it understands its customers. 

In the emerging super-intelligent economy of property investment and development, it will be the cancer of ignorance that kills others.

We offer to help you avoid their fate.

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