Beyond Activity Based Working, published in The Urban Developer

In August, 2015, I had a story, entitled Beyond Activity Based Working, published in Australia’s property industry web site, The Urban Developer, here. It’s probably better to read it there than here as it has all the images in place.

The piece attempts to wrestle with the challenges presented to commercial property developers and owners by the emergence of smarter, “learning” organisations able to do more with less, alongside the future’s likely increasingly rapid displacement of jobs.

I think it scrubbed up ok, and I got appreciative feedback from my participants, so that’s a plus. Check it out, if you’re interested in matters affecting property by the incursions of smaller, leaner, smarter learning businesses.

About this post

As architects, we aim to get commercial property occupiers, developers, owners and investors a better return on their built space, which means we have to be active observers of technological advances that have impacts for effective workplace design. Many of these parties are of course already acting in line with the inexorable trend towards Activity Based Working-style work environments, but I am conducting unique, proprietary research, to be published here and elsewhere, about what lies beyond this trend. My interest is driven in significant measure by the ways in which social workplace technologies can be engaged in transforming business thinking and practices, as well as in the design of work environments capable of enhancing workplace culture and advancing organisational learning and innovation.


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