Gordon House, NSW

Gordon house street elevation

Khôra Gordon House street elevation and isometric

Khôra Gordon House west elevation and isometric

Khôra Gordon House northern elevation

Khôra Gordon House plan

Khôra Gordon House storyboard and sketch

It looks likely that the design for a modern home, the Gordon House, is about to win Shiro Architects unexpected publicity plaudits.

In January 2015, we spent two days in a workshop with a charming, super-intelligent couple wishing to redevelop their house in Sydney’s leafy northern suburb of Gordon.

As former academics now deeply embedded in the world of corporate strategy, they are deeply concerned with process, so our admittedly small workshop – two of them, at most four of us, plus their two kids and parents – was well thought-out and executed. The upshot is that Hiromi came up with a design that she reworked overnight that worked to deliver the scheme for a house which meets all of their family’s needs. Now, the challenge is to make that design work to fit a modest budget.

We can’t disclose our clients’ identities, of course, but as they too want to document the process of building their new home, we’ll be posting more detail as we proceed. Nonetheless, this was a really positive beginning to a project that will be a standalone residential first for Shiro, and in a suburb whose residents may not always be first to show an obvious welcome for the incursions of modern architecture.