Shiro Architects has launched its business with the design of the redevelopment of the golf and tennis centre at Carrara Gardens, Nerang, Queensland.

This sports academy and community centre comprises leisure, entertainment and social facilities. These include a golf driving range, golf course, mini-golf and bunker greens for professional training, along with tennis courts, a swimming pool and gymnasium, food and beverage and retail.

You can view the video flythrough of the Carrara Gardens design beneath.

Carrara Gardens’ design philosophy

Shiro Architects’ cool, modern design makes a contemporary, bold statement about the vitality of the centre. Its striking, stand-out architecture will differentiate it from all other facilities in the vicinity.

On account of the scenery behind, the Carrara Gardens design focuses on the building’s harmony with its landscape. Its transparency connects interior and exterior spaces to bring the landscape indoors, blending it in with its local natural surroundings.

It is open, bright, transparent and welcoming and nothing is hidden: through its glass can be seen all the activities that take place within its four core volumes, each with its own identity.

Voluminous and airy, the building’s sports architecture and interior language is frank and timeless, sculptural in its form and body. Effective use of natural light, its selection of natural finishes and the volumes of its interior spaces create a fluid, interactive environment.


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