In workplace strategy, participants hold the keys to the future of work itself, and with it, the fortunes of a great many powerful property owners and occupiers.

Workplace strategy is where building design, modern technology and new ways of working come together to deliver the future of work.

In our view, it is the execution of business strategy in an enabling space optimised by design, technology choices and policies for organisational collaboration and learning.

Through dedicated research conducted among its practitioners, we’ve aimed to understand how to create workplace-design briefings that satisfy the evolving needs of occupants, owners, investors and developers of commercial office space.

For organisations looking to use relocation to kick-start change in the ways their teams think and learn, we champion the use of sense-making workplace social technologies applied to this purpose.

There is more on this and our proprietary “investigative workplace briefing” methodology at the Shiro Briefing page.

As a former Fairfax Media business journalist and editor, my interest in this subject is at least in part motivated by my MBA (Technology) from the University of New South Wales, whose focus is on organisational change, culture and innovation driven by technological advance.

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Graham Lauren