Tennyson Point house

Parramatta River riverfront elevation, viewed from south to north.

From Tennyson Road, looking out to Parramatta River.

Elevated view from Parramatta River, looking north-east.

Parramatta River riverfront elevation, looking north.

Elevated view from Parramatta River, looking north-west.

Original riverfront elevation, looking north from Parramatta River.

When you start a new practice, it is hard to anticipate where clients will come from, especially when you don’t start out with any particular ambitions to design houses. This early design and the resulting project is the result of a chance conversation and the exploration of the possibilities of a prime site on Sydney’s Parramatta River foreshore.

These images chase its evolution, with the most recent featuring at the top here. We liked the original enough (bottom image), but the process of client dialogue, the client himself being a residential property developer, has definitely given this project a new and yet more contemporary twist.

You can view a YouTube flyaround here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taob7rWZoqA&feature=youtu.be